Kahlil Whitney leaving Kentucky

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Hey guys, quick question. After the Cliff Alexander thing, I don't follow recruiting anymore so sorry if this is a stupid question. But were we in the running for Whitney before he committed to UK? Were we in his top 2 or top 4 or something? Just wondering, thanks.
We were in his top 2-3 (easily?), but when UK offered, it was all over.
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August 06, 2018: Leaders Named

Kahlil Whitney names final 4: Georgetown, Illinois, Kentucky and Oregon

Been a while since we've had a circus in town! Bring it on!

He would develop well in this system with these coaches.

Anybody remember how his unofficial visit went back in 2018??
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Is there any speculation for when he might make his decision? Or since he's going to have to sit out a full year does he have a long process of evaluations and visits ahead before we will know?
I’m as excited about grabbing him as everyone else, but Whitney did not look like a high major player this year. Horrible shooting, shot selection, ball handling. Just looked lost out there in the few games I saw. Granted, a redshirt year could do him a world of good but he has a lot of room for improvement. The good news is his athletic potential is off the charts, so if he puts it together he’s going to be real good after sitting out.
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Meh. Just Meh.
A 2021 potential line up (baring NBA defections) of Soph Curbelo, Miller, and Whitney with Junior Kofi and Senior Giorgi sounds just grand.
Which is why I find this timing so odd. Why not stick through the rest of the semester? Or decide to transfer three weeks ago? Feels like he might just go pro, in whatever capacity that will be.
He did specifically not mention transferring in his announcement. Clearly leaving that option open.
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I think we have a pretty compelling pitch. Especially if OA signs an extension.
Just four days gone this semester. Wouldn't surprise me if he couldn't get in here or somewhere else.

No snark here at all, but do we want him? Are we convinced that he'd be worth the wait?

Also, I wonder if he could do Parkland or some other community college near his next location.
Khalil with an undecided major at UK but an interest in exploratory studies in Agriculture.
We look like a significantly better alternative now than we did when he had us #2 in his original decision. A pair of impressive guards lined up to play with, proven that BU's system works, first in the B1G, etc.
He did specifically not mention transferring in his announcement. Clearly leaving that option open.
Yeah, he said "leaving" not 'transferring". And he also references the "business" of basketball, uses a vague reference to being "unconventional". If you read meaning into the choice of words, kinda sounds like taking a professional route. Let's see, make some money, sit out a year and practice, hum? Although I'm not sure how much interest he can command on an international level given his college start (G League doesn't command that much in salary, anyway). I'm guessing he'll look at going overseas, but probably wind up sitting as a college transfer. But just a totally uninformed guess.