Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

I'm pretty bummed about that. I'm not a Lakers fan, nor was I ever really a Kobe fan. That's a serious bummer.
Sad day. One of my earliest sports memories were him and Shaq winning 3 straight. And after retiring, I loved how involved he was in the basketball community...trying to improve and teach the game he loved. It seemed like he was just getting started.
New York
Horrible news. All time legend.
I wanted to believe this was a hoax but damn. The world just lost a legend wayyyyyy too soon.
Same. I was picking up groceries at Giant and word spread like crazy. First couple of sites I checked had nothing. His Wikipedia page had been edited to show his death date as today then very shortly thereafter edited to take that away.
One of the greats. Reports also indicate he was flying to his academy with daughter Gigi. Horrible tragedy.
Little Rock, Arkansas
No no no no no. Oh my gosh this is incredibly sad.
I've heard a couple talking heads on TV bring this up right after the news broke so...should the NBA have considered postponing games scheduled for today in the wake of this news?
Herndon, VA
From Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris about facing an impossible situation: