Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

We look like we've never seen a zone defense in our entire lives. No matter the coach, it always seems the best strategy we can come up with to combat a zone is by throwing high looping passes over defenders arms and then chucking up a desperation three. We made Maryland's job easy.
Iowa City
DMW had a great start and played well. But if we are going to see this much zone, AG needs to be on the floor more. GB and DMW on the floor at the same time against the zone makes it really tough on us. Need to hit some shots.
Giorgi is scouted. He is a decent complimentary player. He goes to the boards hard. He is not a creator on offense. We got out of our roles. We did not try very hard to go to Kofi. Turgeon adjusted on defense and pretty much shut us down the rest of the game
Beat ourselves with the free throws. Give Maryland credit. Thought they got lucky against us at their place. Don’t think that was the case here, they were impressive. Cowan reminds me of Frazier with crazy handles. He kept them in the game when Illinois could’ve blown it open to 25.
Missed FT's are momentum murderers.

I expect IL to win two of the next three though.
Can't win if you can't make shots. Just gawd awful offense in the 2nd half.
Chevy Chase, Maryland
I’m sure this sounds dramatic, but...just not proud of how we played tonight. We should have won this game. We simply looked like a team that hadn’t had a game of this magnitude in year and weren’t ready to take the next step.
Well, none of the men on the floor for us have. They have another one on Tuesday. It's likely this experience will be useful to draw on then. I recommend you go back and look at the game-by-game results from the teams in the '80s. They were used to games like these and still put their feet in it from time to time. These boys and the program are just getting started here.
Gotta give credit to the Turtles. They came into Champaign (were down 14) and didn't get rattled. They earned that one but man, we really did some bone head things in the 2nd half. Giorgi did made some lackluster decisions and couldn't make anything tonight. We must do better starting next game.
Not sure what to think. We kind of reverted back to pre-January play. Totally out of sync for 75% of the game. We're not a B1G championship contender IMO. But it'll still be nice to hopefully see their name called on selection Sunday. Haven't felt like this since Miami tourney loss. But arrow is still pointing up depending on your perspective.
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Maryland's switch to zone in the 1st half definitely turned the game. Never had an offensive rhythm after that
I agree it was the zone was a good move, but I think that everyone was in foul trouble is what hurt our team the most the first half.
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Chevy Chase, Maryland
Terps are a hell of a team.
Yes they are. And their fans regularly call for Turgeon to be fired. Be glad you're not a Maryland fan. You wouldn't believe how detached from reality they are.
Evansville, IN
Tip of the hat to the Terps....very good team and great decision to go to the zone. Great three pt. shooting on the road.
The guys were HOT from outside early, too. Gutsy call without a rout staring them in the face. I get the feeling that it was desperation. If the Terps weren't getting eaten alive in every phase, switching to zone probably would not have happened until much later in the game.
Middle TN
We started off the game rolling, but Maryland adjusted and stopped us cold.

Time to step back, learn from the game and move on to the next. We can't let these 2 losses get us down. Need to come out and play our game against MSU.
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Feliz is the only guy on this team that brings it every single game....
He brought it.... 6-7 layups right into the waiting defenders. Not even a hint of maybe kicking it out. His boneheaded selfish play down the stretch was a contributing factor in damning us.
Giorgi’s bad pass turnover changed the momentum of the game.
Missing tons of freethrows at home.
Maryland is better than what some fans on here gave them credit for. They have fast long players that choked out all the lanes keeping Illinois from having an offensive flow. You can tell Illinois was throwing in the towel when they started heaving up threes instead.
Players got out hustled and out smarted. Heads up, we got another ranked team coming in.