Mascot for University of Illinois?

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The last time we rode this merry-go-round, the "campaign" to find a mascot was run by an anti-Chief group, so let's not do that again. Although I almost never want to model after the Indiana University, they do just fine without a furry on the sidelines.
Since the next mascot is obviously not gonna be the chief, does it matter what side of the chief debate they fall on?
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Lovie’s beard should be our mascot. Or at least something that naturally evolves from it that the students cultivate.
So you want us to be the Illini "beards?" I'm going to give you some space to puzzle this one out on your own...
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Road Kill is the only possible mascot.
I’m a big “meh” on a new mascot. We had one of the coolest symbols in collegiate athletics and retired it. Let it rest.

No need for a mascot. Just win baby.
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Why does it only have a head and feet? And a bird wearing more feathers as a headdress? That's like a sheep putting on a sweater. All in fun. Sign me up for no mascot.
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Dream: Chief back

Preferred: No mascot

Preferred Mascot: Something relating to WWI

Second Choice: Something relating to Lincoln

Anything else will be mocked relentlessly at this point by both our rivals and our own fans ... pretty much everyone will hate it except for the small number of nerds who voted on it.
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