Miami 81, Illinois 79 POSTGAME

Don’t sleepwalk, and you don’t need a furious comeback ... and you win.

We have such a long way to go in a year that we really should be making strides as a program. We’ll see if we do, the season is still young ... but the bad I saw in the first half was more concerning than the comeback was encouraging. :(
Well said....I'm too angry to say anything that thoughtful
Looking at 11-9 in conference or we'll need a miracle on March 15. I just don't see where we get all of those wins this year.
Two things.

1. Miami will not shoot like that again this season.

2. They would not have gained the confidence to shoot like that all night if Illini had played defense to start the game with the same energy they finished the game. With 5 guards and bigs, energy over the entire game should not be an issue and the first five minutes are critical as we say tonight. 27 pt. leads have been overcome over history.....but there is less than 1 % chance of getting it done. Bad loss at home which could end up costing them a bid. Now....two games against better teams looming. Can they focus and play hard enough to win one?
Gosh, whudda thunk. All the iffy performances so far this year weren't a result of the various excuses but just an indication that we're not particularly well coached.

I really had hoped that we were getting a top 4 coach in the big ten when we hired underwood. Now, there's probably a good 8 or 9 I'd take over him. Maybe more. Just when is he going to demonstrate for us why we hired him?
when March rolls around
the good or bad loss won't matter if we have anymore of these....2 teams from Power 5 conferences so far and a 20+ loss and getting behind by 27 at home....THAT is what will stand out, not the actual loss, but how we got there.
Ayo showing what he’s capable of for six minutes just makes me more disgusted with his play overall.

Mizzou now a must win.

Getting Michigan and Maryland first might be a good thing. We need a few weeks to get our s*** together. Those two are likely losses anyway- get them out of the way now and hope we have our heads out of our rears by the time we get to the Iowa, Minny, Penn State, Indiana, etc games.