Miami 81, Illinois 79 POSTGAME

Ayo showing what he’s capable of for six minutes just makes me more disgusted with his play overall.

Mizzou now a must win.

Getting Michigan and Maryland first might be a good thing. We need a few weeks to get our s*** together. Those two are likely losses anyway- get them out of the way now and hope we have our heads out of our rears by the time we get to the Iowa, Minny, Penn State, Indiana, etc games.
Mizzou was a must win already.
I missed the first half. It looked like ILL could beat anyone if the team plays like it did the last eleven minutes.
I will say, if we only look at the 2nd half we played amazing. Problem is Illinois has been a 1 half team for too long and I had my hopes high that this was the season to change that. Too many cupcake matchups in a row and adjustments to miami’s Style of play came too late and there’s not much else to say.

Focus on the final few minutes if you want, but this game was decided in the first 10.

A few sparks of hope:
1) we came back from down big and gave it a try.
2) Griffin put up some monster offensive shots
3) Da’Monte stopped the bleed with some great D and showed why he plays as many minutes as he does
4) a big part of our problem is Kofi who is a freshman... that means he has time to develop and learn. He can learn not to extend beyond the 3pt line.
Terrible start. Good comeback. Terrible last possession with a chance to win. This will be a bad loss when March rolls around.
Not as bad as Kentucky losing to Evansville or Duke losing to SFA.... let's keep some perspective here... Hopefully they'll learn from this...
Not sure what's wrong with this team. Talent is there, just doesn't quite mesh. I'd switch up rotation. We got three PGs and two Centers starting. With first 3/4 guys off the bench being wings. Take two of the starters out and bring in AG and Tevian/Damonte. Much more balanced and could give our 2nd unit playmakers that it's missing. Copy the Clippers model.
This is a bottom-line business. If they'd made the comeback things would be different, but as it is we have to focus on the first half where the game was lost rather than the second where it might have been won.

Defensively we were disorganized and let Miami have way too many open looks. On offense there were too many turnovers and too much fiddling around the perimeter. My faith in Underwood is shaken badly by this. We need to tear out and replace about a third of the playbook if we're going to have any kind of shot at the NCAAs.
There were 15 seconds on the clock when Ayo got the ball in the backcourt, down 79-80. WHY did he wait until 4 seconds left to do anything? We were losing!!!
I'm sure Underwood told Ayo to take the last shot. If Ayo is the leader of the team, the ball's in his hand. You can play for a rebound, but you don't give the other team a chance to go back down the court.
Almost every coach will prepare his team to take their best player out of the game or limit his contribution. Please explain your strategy in handling Lykes Coach Underwood.
Well, we WOULD be a Top 20 team if we could play a complete game. We started this game about as flat as we ended the Arizona game. Gotta put it together. I did love how we came back, but the odds were against when we faced the deficit we did at half.
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This game will be the same as our season it feels like. We'll dig a hole early on that we can't overcome later because we took far too long to pull our act together.
And I'll still end up watching it all anyways, because illini fans have become quite accustomed to this. Also, this game was supposed to wash NW out of our mouths after Saturday...
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