Michigan 73, Illinois 65 (OT) POSTGAME

It seems pretty obvious. We aren't very good.
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The first game that's available for me to watch I come in when they have a 10+ lead to only see it melt away. Grand.
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Friends is on TBS...the one where Phoebe sells George toner.
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This was a terrible Michigan team, it was already going to be tough to get 10+ wins in the BIG this year when i thought we were an above average team, this is not good at all.
Just a pathetic run down the stretch. I can safely say that I'm far more pissed about this game than Miami, Nova and Oregon combined.
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It's not that we lost on the road. It's that we gave up a 13 point lead.

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JG....I'm a big fan but NOBODY shoots the last shot of regulation but Hill! We got lucky against Mizzou by chucking one up and Rice was not good shooting the ball today. 30 seconds left and that's the play you draw up.....wow.
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Devastating loss. up 13 to lose by 8. If Rice was not fighting the flu, then i have to wonder wtf with his effort.