Michigan 73, Illinois 65 (OT) POSTGAME

Got to agree with this somewhat. Groce's version of the Pack line and high hedge depends on the second big rotating ("Xing out) and covering the man of the big doing the hedge while they switch and the hedger sprints back to take the man the defending big who stayed low just left. In the previous years folks courtside may have heard players or assistants yelling "X......X" to communicate the switch. IMHO there is not a second big to X out and cover. This has been a scheme developed at X, tO$U and then OHIO with success. Not sure where he got it.

I can go back and in my mind's eye see Doelmann, cage, sato, then Oden, and subsequent players at OHIO and Illinois using the method. I just do not think there is anyone back there for Egwu to share the load. I also remember the bigs hedging hard and taking away the screeners advantage slowing the guard and letting the defender recover while staying with the big they are guarding to prevent the roll but do NOT ever remember any of those previous bigs overextending and being so out of the position as Nanna.
Have to ask what you mean about not anyone back there to share the load. That our 4s aren't switching over to Egwu's guy in time?

The question still comes down to where many of us think Egwu is "overextending" the hedge too often, are JG and staff OK with that or not? If not, is it just a matter of the player's judgment never improving over a zillion repetitions? Why can't the coaches figure out how to stop it, if not by pulling him out of the game then at least by screaming at him from the bench? I don't see either happening, so it brings me back to wondering if the staff is just OK with it to begin with.

BTW, I didn't view Egwu's "problem" in letting the UM big get 3-4 easy baskets as related to the high hedge at all, since in all the plays he was helping not hedging, coming off his man up from the block area to help on Levert's drives into the lane. Problem as I saw it was he left too soon and took a bad angle, allowing Levert to dump off the pass to Egwu's left. At least that's how I'm remembering it.

Let's grab a W today .... somehow.
This will likely touch off another spate of "well then the staff should make it so with their magic coaching wands"-style responses, but this roster seems spectacularly unsuited to effectively run a zone.

To zone well, you need guys that can cover a lot of ground and space - preferably due to their above-average length and agility - and have good to great defensive instincts to cover up the soft spots of whatever zone you're running.

We roll with four guards, two of them fairly undersized, and a center who things just do not come naturally to on a basketball court.
Agree with this 100%.
I have followed this program for 50 plus years, supported it financially bought all the trinkets etc. Have had many disappointing years but so far this year goes along with the past several. Players have no fight, no desire and a coach that cannot get them motivated. Groce has the same fault as too many of todays coaches, he's such a nice guy. What did Derosher say about nice guys? Stop trying to be a friend to these overated prima donnas and grow some gonads! You are losing anyway, so why not lose with the dignity of knowing you were the boss not the players. I can't believe any coach can say so many nice things about a team that blows a 13 point lead except one who patronizes his players too keep his job. I think it's too late to instill any team concepts to the players so why not take a page from Bobby Knights book and bench the players that won't fight. Not for a few minutes, but for a few games. I could go on forever but I won't. Like a good Cubs fan, I still root for my team, only a little quieter these days.
Prima donnas?? What a ridiculous post.

And it's Durocher.
Have to ask what you mean about not anyone back there to share the load. That our 4s aren't switching over to Egwu's guy in time?
Historically speaking X ing out needs another big to switch. Who is the other 4 on this team? Black fills the bill but I am not sure he is tuned up IQ wise with good enough defensive principles to understand sharing responsibility on 6'7 and above players attacking the rim. When Black goes off (with a foul or something.....) who is left to cover and switch the 4 /5 spot with NE? I think the scheme relies on a guy the size of Mav or similar to be helping. When NE is out there it is with 6'6 or below covering a larger 4 or 5 a lot of the time. Similar when he sits and Mav is out there. Roster is pretty thin for the ball that JG wants to play.