Michigan State 60, Illinois 53 POSTGAME

Orange Krush Class of 2013
Rochester, MN
Huh, I had no idea that's how the rule was written. Thanks for taking me to school.

I didn't realize that was the rule either. Always assumed it was GT any time the ball was blocked after hitting the backboard.
Tampa, FL
The rule is pretty clear. If the ball is above the level of the ring during a field-goal try AND contacts the backboard, it is goaltending if a player touches the ball.

So your earlier statement that "makes no difference where the ball is in relation to the rim. It hit the backboard before Kendrick caught a piece of it," is incorrect.

It is not a sufficient condition to hit the backboard, the ball has to be above the rim as well. But once the ball is above the rim AND touches the backboard, it is considered on its way down (even if it is still going up) so a player touching it (like Nunn) is goaltending.

Huh, I assumed it was the same rule as in the NBA, where it is goaltending even below the rim:

Section I-A Player Shall Not: ...
d. During a field goal attempt, touch a ball after it has touched any part of the backboard above ring level, whether the ball is considered on its upward or downward flight.
e. During a field goal attempt, touch a ball after it has touched the backboard below the ring level and while the ball is on its upward flight. ...
Starks has been pretty good when he's in the role he was recruited for instead of filling in at PG.

In the absence of available legitimate 4 year recruits, it makes sense to bring in experienced major college players to fill the gaps. Perhaps in 2 years that will no longer be necessary.