Mike Dudek out for season

Rockford, Illinois
No words. This is so very sad for this awesome Illini and his wonderful family.

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It's a shame that Dude K couldn't stay healthy. Guy could have been one of the all-time greats here.
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DudeK deserves better. He's worked so hard. I just feel terrible for the guy. With his work ethic he'll go far. Just not in football, unfortunately.

Good luck Mr. Dudek. And thank you for setting such a fine example of dedication, persistence, and hard work.
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Best wishes for the kid. We need more players with his drive in the future. I would love if the team and crowd could do something for the kid. Not sure what. Block I card stunt with his number. Dudek cheer during parts of the game. He will be missed.
Geneseo, IL
Feel very sorry for him. He obviously worked extremely hard to come back from all his injuries. But it was apparent that he just didn't have the body to compete at this level. I really didn't think he would have the chance to contribute much this season. Heart-breaking story.
Rockford, Illinois
This is such a statistical aberration that it makes me wonder if one of his previous injuries was mismanaged by this or the previous staff, leaving him more susceptible to future injury.

I just feel awful for the guy.
From what I understand, this injury is to his good knee (right). Other two injuries were to his left knee.
Tyngsborough, MA
Words are insufficient. Just heartbreaking. Good luck, Dude K.
This is very sad. He worked so hard to come back so many times.

Just very sad.
Thank you for coming to your state school, and choosing the Illini. You won’t be forgotten, because when you played it was special. I hope your team will regroup and play with your passion and desire for excellence.