Mike LaTulip on scholarship

Bloomington, IL
Congrats Mike! That's got to be a great feeling to have all of his hard work recognized.
N of I-80
Ok ... now that he's not a walk-on, can we discuss playing him over Ahmad? ;)

But, in all seriousness, congrats to MLT!
Makes little sense unless it's only this year (doubtful or what?).
Love that...then again next year he is back off scholarship but every $ helps I'm sure
Love that...then again next year he is back off scholarship but every $ helps I'm sure
Yeah I was about say, what about next year....especially with MLV but that's better. Wonder why they waited so long?
It's just for this semester because of Paul suspension. Unless well if somebody transferred.
Congrats to Mike.

Any reason he wasn't granted the scholarship for the full year once they knew it would not be used?
Herndon, VA
Excellent MLT!!
Now get out on the floor and do your thing!!
Any chance we can get McColley to do an interview with MLT and his Mom.
Chicago, IL
There is nothing about MLT getting a scholarship that means anything beside we have an open scholarship for this year and it would be stupid to burn it when we could pay for his tuition.
Doesnt have anything to do with anyone transferring or anything about scholarships for next year or really anything about anything
Why wasn't he on it first semester is the real questio
Not a question at all. Groce hinted that they might bring in someone at the semester. Had to hold the scholarship open. When it didn't happen, it was available for LaTulip second semester. It will only be for the rest of this school year. We have 13 on scholarship now. Has nothing to do with Colbert.

All scholarships are spoken for next year, including the one LaTulip has for now. For Lovett or anyone else to come on, a different one would have to open. Now that could affect Colbert or someone else.