Missouri 79, Illinois 63 POSTGAME

Ayo looked lost.

Kipper is not a high major caliber player.

Trent can't do it all alone.
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Underwood is out of his element. He needs better assistants or a defensive coach. He is not b10 caliber.
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the Front Range
It’s not the loss, it’s the way we lost. They bodied Frazier and No One else stepped up. We just don’t have the talent to complete
We have one player-Trent Frazier. The offense we run is horrible. I absolutely hate the high ball screen handoff. We rely way to much on the three and do have enough dribble penetration. Other teams score at ease on our defense unless we are lucky enough to turn them over. UNDERWOOD is not a good coach. I'm sure no one cares but I'm out and have been a fan my whole entire life. I will not watch another Illini game until football season! Play Jones, Griffin, and Kane rest of the year. Could not be any worse!
Part of what keeps Ayo from being useful offensively is that he thrives in transition, but it takes getting stops to get transition buckets. We suck at getting stops... So...
So our players Under(wood) achieved tonight. Seriously, I don't think the offense or defense is very good. No rebounding, can't shoot free throws. Coach Underwood needs a 2 year extension. Are you listening Josh. That's the solution.
The defense has never been good under BU and despite the YouTube clips of how great the offense is, I haven’t seen anything to convince me that our personnel can run it successfully and/or it turns out handing the ball off at the top of the key really isn’t hard to defend.
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