Missouri 79, Illinois 63 POSTGAME

Yes there is room for disagreement, I agree. But like I said earlier, when a guy picks up 2 fouls in the first 2:30 he's going to be sitting for a while. If not he can't keep playing at the same intensity as he normally does and has to back off. And like I said if the guy stayed out there then the other team would be very smart to "attack" that guy to either make him pick up another foul or make him back off so your team gets easier looks and points. And I mentioned in other posts it depends on who the player is and what the game situation is.

To say Underwood was wrong for sitting Ayo most of the first half in my opinion is wrong and just about every coach out there would have benched him when he committed the 2nd foul so early. Anyways it's silly to argue about it and I'm done with it.
Oh, I'm not arguing that Ayo didn't need to sit when he got the 2nd, I'm pretty sure every coach would do that. I'm just saying that not every coach would've kept him on the bench as long as he was. I would've liked to see him come back in with 10 to play for a short burst, just to keep him involved in the game. On the other hand, our defensive system makes it a little riskier to play someone with 2 fouls in the first half, although I would use that as another argument against the system.