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Hey! I heard that Deron Williams is just entering his name into the NBA Draft but isn't hiring an agent so that if he isn't drafted high enough he will return to Illinois next this true?

Also are Luther Head, Roger Powell Jr, Nick Smith, or Jack Ingram entering the Draft?
What you said about Deron Williams is true. Once he hires an agent, he can no longer play college ball. But don't count on him returning... the NBA mock draft has him going at no.4 Its a safe bet that he will go in the top ten, if not the top five. They also have Luther Head going at no. 43. I don't know about the other guys. I highly doubt Nick will enter the draft... he's not athletic enough and has health problems, asthma I believe.
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Deron is entering the draft and NOT hiring an agent. Deron has to make a decision by June 21, as that is the last day that he can remove his name from the draft (June 28) and still play college ball. That being said, he is not coming back :( :( since he is projected in the top 15 of the draft.

As for the others you listed, they are seniors and don't need to declare for the draft. Nick won't get drafted and I put Jack & Roger's chances as slim (maybe late 2nd or 3rd rounders). I think Lutha goes in the middle of the 2nd round.
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Deron is only commited "IF" he hires an agent. If he just submits his name, to test the waters, and then still wants to play college he can. :D :D
Thanks! I'm really hoping that Deron comes back but that's HIGHLY unlikely! :( I also heard that Illinois is looking to get a player next year who has the build of a Sean May...I think I heard he is from the Highschool that Bruce's brother coaches at... is any of that true?
You have some of your facts mixed up... Jon Scheyer is a junior that plays for Glenbrook North high school and is coached by Bruce's brother. There's a recruiting war going on right now between Illinois and Duke (his top 2 choices). He's a tall 6'5 skinny white kid and doesn't have the physique of Sean May. I'm not quite sure who you're confusing him with...
Yeah....that sounds right... I can't remember the guy's name that they were looking at or something now.. oh well! I think next year should still be a successful season! least I'm hoping! There has also been rumor around that Dee Brown might enter his name in the draft... has anyone heard anything about that?!?!?! I hope he isn't! I don't know what Illinois would do without him!!
-I always like to hear that these guys are "terrific students" as well as their prospects on the basketball court. Somehow that is extremely encouraging to me!
BTW, didn't Scheyer score 52 points in the IHSA championship game?
... just thought I might have read that somewhere.
--wow, that must have been the guy I was thinking of or something...he is going to be a great addition to the Illini! I'm getting excited for next season to start already!!!! :D
-Deron has declared and did sign with an agent. Because of the latter, he will most definitely not be coming back.
So, although I know he doesn't read this, I would like to say God Bless You in the NBA, Deron...and Thanks for sticking around the University of Illinois and brightening up our lives!!!
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Deron Williams is totally sweet, and it will be cool to see him in an NBA jersey next season, where he'll get A LOT of PT. He's dope.
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Though I despise the NBA and everything it stands for, I wish the best of luck to Deron and his family. He has done so much for the Illini nation and seeing him getting to live him dream of playing in the league will probably get me to watch a couple NBA games next season :eek: :p Next season will be hard without the quiet general on the floor but I'm sure Brock has been talking plenty of notes over this last season so he can dominate with Dee :rolleyes:
-It will be interesting to see where Deron goes in the draft...and what team he will end up with.
Any thoughts? I have a few, but I want to see what you think!
I read Utah might draft him. Any thoughts on what kind of pro he will be?
I mean the guy's a proven winner but his shooting pcts concern me. Then again what do I know I thought Frankie would flourish in the pro game.
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I heard that people don't think he will make it past his first contract....we will just have to wait and see. Luther Head is looking (according to the mock draft) like his is going to be going to the NJ Nets and Deron to the Utah Jazz...Fransico Garcia is supposed to be drafted to the Jazz as well...I think they would make a pretty good team but not as good as the THREE HEAD MONSTER aka Dee, Luther, and Deron. I don't really like NBA basketball because they don't have as much passion for the game anymore since they are getting paid and they don't play as well as they did before they made it there...its disappointing :( but nothing much we can do about that! I'm still looking forward to watch Deron and hopefully Luther in the NBA!! :D
According to the updated Mock draft Sean May isn't coming back to UNC and he will be drafted to the Pacers and Luther Head is looking like he will go there instead of NJ Nets....
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Sean May, Raymond Felton and Marvin Williams all declared for the draft Friday afternoon so they definetly aren't coming back to UNC unless the sun blows up or something. What does this mean for the Illini? Well since all three of them will be first round picks, this just about knocks Brandon Rush out of the first round. If that happens then he has all but said that he will go to college and right now Illinois is a favorite next to Oklahoma. This will be big for us and could be the difference between an Elite 8 and a Final 4.
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I know that they UNC guys are awesome..but just because they beat us...I hope they dont get drafted!! I know..its a little sour, but we can all have little bits of revenge in ways we like.
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I'm not sure if everyone knows how the NBADraft works but they will all get drafted, by that I mean even though there are only 7(?) rounds, the draft isn't over to everyone gets drafted. That tends to not be an issue because most players that drop that low in the rounds will pull out of the draft before that point so it usually ends before then. May, Williams, and Felton are all first round picks and at least 2 out of 3 will be lottery picks. As far as revenge, I think it will be much funnier when they suck next year because they lost their top 7 scorers and only have one player coming back that has started a college game.