NBA / Illini in the Pros Thread

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Anyone know the update on Leron Black? He never played in Israel & was waived by Toronto in the NBA G league. Looks like he just signed with an Argentina team, but isnt playing. Any word on what has been going on with him?
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I just caught a few mins of a blazers game. Meyers is an absolute beast now. I wish he was that’s strong when he played here. I hope that fletch can transform Kofi into a beast.
Jabari Parker is struggling to stay in the NBA now. Imagine how much better his future would be if he came to ILL. He could have opened up ties for the rest of his life but he will end up getting flushed out of the NBA and into oblivion.

Since everything continues so quiet here, good news for the commitment that attempted to revitalize the program:

Kendrick Nunn Named to Midseason All-NBA G League Western Conference Team

Santa Cruz Warriors
If you’re an NBA team looking for a pure scorer, Kendrick Nunn may be your guy. The Oakland University-product is averaging a team-leading 19.6 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 2.9 APG & 1.5 SPG on 45% shooting from the field and 31.5% shooting from beyond the arc. Nunn has given the Sea Dubs offense in times of desperate need and always seems to cook up new ways to get buckets as the season rolls on. He’s been excellent at turning turnovers into points for Santa Cruz this season and could be an interesting, lesser-known name in the NBA realm worthy of a call-up.
Dont know if there is an NBA playoff thread or not, but Leonard is balling tonight for the Blazers. These playoffs have been great so far as well.
Meyers is playing well - like an All-Star tonight.

It looks like another Portland collapse tonight though.
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Meyers with an exceptional 1st half (though that pass to end the half, woof) scoring 25 points.
.4 percent is still in it kids
Meyers with 25 in first half of playoff game - high game record pro and college. 5 3 pointers. 10 of 12 from the field!
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Meyers Leonard getting it done tonight. Didn’t see the first half. Thought my son was pulling my leg when he told me Meyers had 25 pots at halftime. I don’t think he has scored in the 2nd half but, has several rebounds, a steal, an assist and a charge taken that I’ve seen.
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