NBA / Illini in the Pros Thread

Did a quick run through on the NBA Summer League Rosters. Saw Kendrick Nunn (Heat) and Rayvonette Rice (Suns). Did I miss anybody who wore the Orange & Blue?
If the Bulls don't trade for Russell Westbrook, the United Center should be burned to the ground.
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Rayvonte Rice ballin for the Suns in summer league! 19 points with 5 three’s.
Apparently he has been playing in the Iranian professional basketball league. What a strange destination.
KNunn with 40 tonight. I would think that cements him a spot on the final team.
I think the original KN (not Kipper) will easily make the Heat roster. I know some look down on him because of his incident, but he was an unbelievable competitor as an of my favorites on that roster. If he didn't get booted, I reckon Illini would have made tournament and JG would still be here...JG departing may be silver lining with KN incident. He seems to have learned from mistake and flourishing beyond Illini. I will be cheering for him....and warriors may be having regrets letting him slip away.
Kendrick Nunn, went from g-league, to starter on Miami’s opening night, and currently has 24 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 assists under his belt. Against the grizz no less, but still an UDFA vs. No. 2 pick (Ja). He didn’t finish his college career off here, but glad to see a former Illini repping, Meyers on the other hand with 0 points in 19 minutes
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