NBA / Illini in the Pros Thread

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And sometimes they don't draft them at all but turn out like KNunn on opening night in Miami with 24 points. Or OTOH, spend $50 million and draft #11 and get Meyers with 0 points.:)
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I'm proud of his time here and how he course corrected his life and for his future successes. He mentioned how he wants to be an NBA all star in a recent article...he just may reach that. He's on a good track so far and Miami loves him.

All that said....I'll take that Nunn Heat jersey:)
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Nunn improved leaps and bounds after leaving. Groce had many problems, one was player development.
While the season is young, Nunn has been impressive. Has anyone else been following?

18 at the half today for the Heat. Had 24 in the opener against Memphis, 18 vs. Milwaukee.

He's also considered a rookie as he spent last year in the G-League, so he's eligible for ROY.
Miami signed him the last day of the season last year. Great job. He is a hard worker. Good for him.
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I have been following him too. He was always one of the favorites of mine for the Orange and Blue. Meyers Leonard is also with Miami now.
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He would have made a huge difference for the Illini had he not gotten in trouble & stayed with the team. I talked to him last year when he played in Dallas & he was such a nice guy.
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Hopefully he has made amends. Glad to see him succeed. He is a special player.
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Nunn with 28 points on Thursday night against the Hawks. Meyers Leonard also started and had 16 points and 8 rebounds. They both lit up the Hawks on three-pointers.

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Unbelievable so far this year. Miami has done incredible things w him. Just another indictment against Groce for his failures in coaching and player development
Meyers Leonard had a great face in Friday nights game vs the Lakers when LeBron shoved him and he didn't get a foul call... It would make a great GIF if someone is more tech savvy than me...
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