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honestly he probably already had it by that point, which means whoever those mics belonged to might be even more screwed. If any of those reports test positivea lawsuit has to be coming right?
I don’t think he knew he had it at that point, so probably not
Maybe that's how he got it? Or does the timing not work out?
I have no idea. Couldn’t he have just as easily spread the virus by speaking into the mics? It is a respiratory illness. That’s not to make excuses for if he was careless with his interactions with teammates in the locker room of course.
The Bulls new GM played hoops at Seton Hall with Adrain Griffin. People are starting to connect the dots that Adrain may be the new Bulls Coach. SMH
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Sources: Bulls tab Nuggets GM Arturas Karnisovas to lead basketball ops
The Chicago Bulls are hiring Denver Nuggets general manager Arturas Karnisovas to become the franchise's new executive vice president of basketball operations, league sources told ESPN.

The sides were finalizing contractual details on a multiyear deal late Wednesday night, after the team offered the job to Karnisovas shortly after completing a second round of interviews, sources said.

Karnisovas, 48, will replace John Paxson, who has been running the Bulls' basketball operations since 2003. Karnisovas will be tasked with reshaping the totality of an organization that has failed to reach the postseason the past two seasons, including hiring a new general manager and additional basketball operations and scouting positions, sources said.
Morrison, CO
The Bulls new GM played hoops at Seton Hall with Adrain Griffin. People are starting to connect the dots that Adrain may be the new Bulls Coach. SMH
The bigger head shake is that GarPax is still running around the United Center being involved in personnel decisions.
As others have mentioned already, Gar is out and Paxson is moving into a new role as senior advisor of basketball operations.

One name I did hear on the radio this morning as a possible replacement for Bulls GM is Chauncey Billups.
Chicago Bulls fire longtime GM Gar Forman amid front-office changes

Karnisovas is planning to start discussing Chicago's GM job with candidates soon, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported last week. The pool is expected to include several assistant GMs: Calvin Booth (Denver), Marc Eversley (Philadelphia), Mark Hughes (LA Clippers) and Matt Lloyd (Orlando), among others.
Adrian Wojnarowski@wojespn ·Apr 10

ESPN Sources: Another candidate in serious talks to join Arturas Karnisovas' front office with the Chicago Bulls: Denver scout Pat Connelly, who was previously an assistant GM with Suns.

Adrian Wojnarowski@wojespn ·Apr 10

Connelly -- with a strong background in player personnel -- is moving quickly toward joining a reshaped Chicago front office that already includes New Orleans executive J.J. Polk, as @KCJHoop reported. Formal Bulls announcement on Karnisovas' hiring could come as early as today.
The Last Dance documentary about the 97-98 Bulls premieres tonight on ESPN at 8PM CT. Here's a five minute preview that ESPN has released of the documentary:

ESPN will have the uncensored version with ESPN2 having the censored version.

Really good article here from Ramona Shelburne here about how the Last Dance came to be and why Jordan has finally allowed them to release the documentary after it sat in the NBA archives for two decades:

At least part of the reason is because with all the recent talk of the greatness of Lebron as an individual player and the Warriors as a team, Jordan wanted to remind people how good Jordan and the Bulls were at that time.
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Ya know just when you think you’re over your anger toward Jerry Krause
I remember all of the issues with Krause and the players vividly. I never it went THAT deep and was that volatile. Wow.

This has been extremely rough on Krause and deservedly so. However, he's not here to defend himself, so I hope the next 8 episodes back off a bit. He did make some very good moves to augment that roster as the run was moving along.

Ready for next Sunday already!
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Iowa City
That was the best 2 hours I have had since we beat Iowa to end the season.
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