NCAA bans Native American Mascots from Postseason PLay

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ESPN's Page 2's take on what FSU, UI and Utah should do


Old Nickname: Seminoles
New Nickname: The Party

Based on: Historically significant legacy of strong finishes in every annual ranking of the nation's top party colleges.

Runner-up choices: Anything that sounds like the colloquial 'Noles: Goals, Trolls, Skoals, Pigeonholes, Camisoles, Tootsie Rolls or, of course, Paroles (or 'Roles, as the football boosters like to say).

Old Mascot: Chief Osceola
New Mascot: Jocko the Frat Guy

Old Pep Chant: "Oh! Oh, oh-oh-oh! Oh, oh-oh!"
New Pep Chant: "Yeeeaaaaahh, Duuuuude!"


Old Nickname: Fighting Illini
New Nickname: Fighting Identity

Based on: With "Illini" such a heated issue around campus, why not just come right out and use the new nickname to admit directly that there's a problem?

Runner-up choices: Paying homage to all things Fighting: Fighting Robots, Fighting Mad, Fighting Words, Fighting Temptations, Kung Fu Fighting, Five for Fighting, and my favorite, capitalizing on one of the hottest sports around: Ultimate Fighting.

Old Mascot: Chief Illiniwek
New Mascot: Dick Butkus


Old Nickname: Utes
New Nickname: Lakers

Based on: Alternative to the ignominy of fans around the country always asking "What's a Ute?" Nothing says "Utah" like Great Salt Lake.

Runner-up choices: Maintaining the strict U alliteration between school name and nickname -- Utopians, Utilities, Ukes and U-Turns.

Old Mascot: Swoop
New Mascot: None needed, thankfully. (Existing mascot is simply modeled on an indigenous bird.)
I like the Fighting Temptations. Imagine the fun taking the image and look of the Illinettes to the next level.
Ever since I was in school in 88, this has been an issue. Nothing seems to come of it. Periodically there are meetings, debates, votes, sit-ins, etc, etc, etc. 17 years later, we still have a Chief, and the team's name is still the Illini.

I amused at the National debate, as this is hardly a new issue. I wouldn't spend a lot of time getting wrapped up in the issue. Illinois will still be named the Illini in 20 years.
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If the NCAA sticks to the current standard, March 2008 comes and they say that Florida State, Utah and THE ILLINI can't be in the tournament do to the post-season ban, I'm pretty sure the University will reconsider. Hopefully it won't come to that and the NCAA will back down.
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NCAA begins backpedaling on misguided mascot ruling

For a long time the 70-plus schools that compete at the highest level of college athletics have wondered if they should break off from the NCAA (which represents over 1,250 institutions) and form their own, more streamlined organization. The NCAA’s decision, if it stands, could raise that issue again.
“If that (Division I-A schools breaking off) ever happened, it would probably be over something as silly as this,” said T.K. Wetherell, the president at Florida State.
The executive committee subcommittee on Gender and Diversity Issues has 11 members. There are no representatives from the major conferences. In fact, the largest school in the room when these recommendations were formed was Middle Tennessee State.
Since the announcement on Aug. 5, the NCAA has hurriedly put together an appeals process for the individual schools. NCAA President Myles Brand now insists that the committees involved in the decision weren’t out to punish these schools but rather wanted to “take the high road” and begin a dialogue on an important issue. This decision did neither. What it almost did, and still could do if not handled properly, is spark a revolution.
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Board of Trustees Chairman Fires back at the NCAA

''The Executive Committee's uninformed use of inflammatory rhetoric does not create a 'teachable moment,''' Eppley wrote. ''Instead, it retards meaningful debate on an important issue, especially in the communities of the 18 institutions 'branded' by the NCAA as politically incorrect.''
"After exhaustively investigating a formal complaint that the Chief [and] the name Fighting Illini violated provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1994, the OCR concluded that the existence of the Chief did not constitute a racially hostile environment at the university."
"At the University of Illinois we are engaged in a dialogue regarding our 80-year-old Chief Illiniwek tradition. Our goal is a solution that embraces heritage and culture through the resources and reach of a major university, not one that pretends American Indians never thrived and created a rich history in our state."
"Surely there are better ways of initiating discussion on a national basis than to decree that the traditions of 18 member institutions, many of which are rooted in reverence and decorum, are 'hostile' and 'abusive.'"
If you are thinking of the entire conversation in a perverted context yes.... I, however, did not take it that way at all. Geez JP, come on! I should've known you would think like that..... I don't think I have to explain myself on this one.
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The NCAA goes for the green again, only caving in when money is involved or is threatened to be involved. As for us, I don't care about the chief. It really doesn't matter to me if he stays or goes. The problem with the anti-chief people getting their wish is that the vast majority of people want him to stay. I say the University takes a vote including all faculty, students, alumni, and season ticket holders, since they pay to see everything they should get a say in it.
As for our name, this is where I draw the line. The NCAA has no right to stop us from using the term "Fighting Illini" in postseason play. They talked about mascots not performing in the postseason. We havn't been for many years now on our own. I think the NCAA needs to quit warming up to the minority and let the schools handle it.