NCAA bans Native American symbols at all sanctioned Bowl Games

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Although the NCAA does not run bowl games, it does sanction them, so the governing body agreed to add the mascot ban to its list of requirements to be licensed. The prohibition will extend beyond the five BCS games and include all of the postseason games.
''We received a written request from the BCS to take appropriate action as it related to bowl games,'' Williams said. ''The BCS didn't feel it had the governance structure to do what was necessary.''
Talk about a waste of the NCAA's time - working to create a rule that will limit three school's participation in a bowl game (for programs that are unlikely to make a bowl this year and possible next) because they don't approve of their mascott. And while it still makes money licensing Illini merchandise.

I think it is sad that other Illini boards don't even address this issue...

when is the University of Illinois going to appeal?
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I know that the Board or Trustees are still waiting for the NCAA to define what they mean by "hostile and abrasive" or whatever it was. Also I heard they were considering just taking the sanctions (not change anything and take the punishment which would be not hosting NCAA Championship events and the Chief can't go anyway, which he already doesn't). However with the new rule, we have to do something because we need to be able to play in bowls. This should bring the Big Ten into the discussion because they draw money out of all this as well and if we can't compete, it screws up everyone else.
taking the sanctions would be bad for all of our athletic programs as well as the university; i hope the university doesn't accept this. I also originally thought that our teams would not be able to participate in NCAA tournaments (in addition to not being able to host tournaments), but i do not think that is true.

It also bothers me that more Illinois fans don't seemed to be bothered (both pro and anti-chief) that we would not be able to use the name "Illini". Even if we dropped the chief (which I hope we don't do) we would have to change "Illini" to comply with the NCAA.

I think you are right in that this latest step will force the school to act. And hopefully the big ten will get involved - on our side.
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From what I hear, we are the only D1 school affected because FSU, Utah, and UND have all appealed and at least have been granted some type of extension. From a PR point of view, it looks like a war between Illinois and the NCAA and I'm not sure who is going to win, sadly