NCAA Name, Image, Likeness Rule

Didn’t this name/likeness thing originate with the $$$ being generated by the video game industry? Now the discussion seems to have turned to endorsement deals of various sorts. While I can see the continued validity of the former, I’m not sure I see it for the latter (except for maybe those few talents that seem to pop up every few years or so). Guess we’ll see, eh?

Also wondering about the ability of the player to benefit from the school logo (uniform) they might be wearing. Don’t the schools still own the rights to that aspect (and thus, any revenue that accrues from its use)?

I think the vast majority of these "endorsement deals" for college students would be things like making commercials and billboards for local car dealerships and restaurants and such. Those are the businesses that generally have local appeal and some degree of advertising budget to spend. The truly local businesses would also probably be happy for any or all of the players, too, not just the stars.

I think a significant but smaller group would for the bigger stars like Ayo, who would certainly have interest from companies advertising more broadly in the state, especially in Chicago. He doesn't have the star power to warrant a national Nike ad campaign by any stretch, but maybe someone like Lou Malnati's wants to run a more regional ad campaign with a bigger star.

I honestly think those sorts of situations become by far the majority of money moving around here in addition to being able to sell autographed memorabilia and receive royalties from video games. After all, most college boosters are in that sort of low-level wealthy range where they have some cash to throw around but certainly not enough to be dropping $100,000 a year on a single player to play for their alma mater. Even huge boosters like Shad Khan that could do that have better places to spend their money and make a longer term impact, like on facilities or coaches.

That's my theory on how this will play out. It will be interesting for sure.
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I have mixed feelings about the Clearinghouse idea. While on one hand I like the idea of transparency, I think it's also a potential to get in trouble for forgetting to report some stupid small benefit and getting a huge penalty. Also, if the school has to report on these things, then how do you keep them outside the decision making process?