NCAA Tournament Simulation

Kofi looks great. So does Ayo. Kipper doing Kipper things. Giorgi overall solid but missing layups as usual. Shocking contribution from... Anthony Higgs?!?!?

Illini up 9 with 11 to go.

This is awesome and terrible all at once!
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Frazier straight killer
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Orange Krush Class of 2013
Stanford, CA
What a clutch performance.
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Oswego, IL
My God, that was a very Illini-esqe game.
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Don’t understand Higgs getting more time than Tevian. Wouldn’t have been that close if the refs would have called traveling.
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BU:1 Trash cans:0
Illinois advances!

I'm not ashamed to admit I want Illinois to win this whole dang ridiculous thing.
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Ft. Collins, CO
Wow, that was a lot closer than it should have been. Here are my takeaways:

  1. The Illini faithful traveled well and were loud!
  2. I feel it was a slight advantage to play in a Nebraska gym that we have played in before.
  3. I think TJ is gone if he is losing minutes to Higgs!
  4. Giorgi is back!
  5. Something seemed a bit off with Ayo's crossover today.
  6. Trent has got to figure out his shot. He even missed 2 straight free throws.
  7. Kofi played well but could have utilized his size and speed even more on the offensive end.
  8. We played a bit undisciplined up 11 with 5 minutes left. A lot of quick shots from the perimeter that I'm sure frustrated BU.

Bright on Creighton ... I have a good feeling! Go Illini! :shield:

My wife busted me watching the game and responded with, "You've got to be kidding, you have an illness!" But she went to Colorado St. so she just doesn't understand!
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BU:1 Trash cans:0
First Round continues today and wraps up tomorrow:

Sat, Mar. 21:
Michigan (7) vs. Florida (10) 2:00 EST
Providence (7) vs. Rutgers (10) 2:45 EST
Auburn (5) vs. Cinncinati (12) 3:45 EST
Wisconsin vs. Univ. North Texas 5:00 EST
Butler(5) vs. Liberty(12) 7:00 EST
Maryland vs. Yale 8:00 EST
Florida State(2) vs. North Dakota State(15) 9:15 EST
Villanova vs. Northern Kentucky

Catch the games here:
Don’t understand Higgs getting more time than Tevian. Wouldn’t have been that close if the refs would have called traveling.
Higgs looked good. Someone should ask BU why he didn't get more minutes this year. /s
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I'm too lazy. Where do you find these stimulated games "live"? You tube, too? Thanks.
Just for grins: who would you take in a seven-game matchup between '89 Flying Illini and 2005 team?

I go for Flyings, but it's gonna be very close.
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