Nebraska 53, Illinois 43 POSTGAME


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Shots just did not fall tonight. Defense was ok.
uh, Maine
Well when you shoot 27% and 21% from 3 then you shouldn't expect to win games. Horrible game.
Just didn't have the offense to win this game tonight. Guys fought hard and were relatively strong defensively. When it all comes down to it, someone has to put the ball in the basket.
Chillicothe, IL
I know we are really short handed but at some point coach needs to figure out the transfers are not the answer.
Not the answer, true, but at least they're less "not the answer" than the alternatives. Tate doesn't have the potential to hit a three, that's why Starks is in at the end of the games. Not a lot of choice with Cosby at this point either being shorthanded...
We are not as good as we played against Maryland but not as bad as we played tonight. Beat Northwestern and all is ok.
Groce is going to have to revisit his offense if he's going to succeed at this level. Chucking up NBA threes not going to cut it.
Bad bad basketball.

When starks and Cosby learn the difference between a good and bad shot we will start to win games. Malcolm scoring 28 was not sustainable.