News-Gazette: Brad Underwood cleared in DIA Investigation into his coaching

Little Rock, Arkansas
I love how none of the players that had issues said anything in an exit interview...and how LeRoy and Raycraft wouldn’t open up communication channels with the accusers or wouldn’t talk about it at all.

I mean, anyone can make an unsubstantiated claim, but if you want something done, you better back it up with some facts or speak up when asked about it.

Punishment by treadmill?? So if you screw up you have to run?? Uhhhhhh, that’s sports junior. Boohoo go cry yourself to sleep in your 3/4 empty Miznoz dorm building.

And yes, I 100% think this was Mark Smith and his camp and I 100% think he and his parents are soft cry babies.

Now, if we come to find out Underwood is a crazy a-hole who is abusing his players and he is fired...I’ll apologize in full.
Support for Brad. Abuse of Players, different Question. But from anything known, This is Bull. My prejudice, I challenge these guys to do a wrestling practice.
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Little Rock, Arkansas
I read that as a euphemism for hitting players, but maybe you're right. Either way they were "discredited" per the article.
If he was accused of hitting players I’m guessing they would have said that in much clearer language. Something like “enacting physical abuse on individual players” or shucks maybe even “he struck his players on multiple occasions” but not the punishment via physical activity route they took.
Rockford, IL
A bunch of BS in my opinion. People in general are too damn soft. I played football for a coach who would throw a bullet pass at your head for screwing up in practice. We were so afraid we went undefeated. One of my teammates owns the most successful auto auction business on the planet. Didn't hurt us none.
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