News-Gazette: Brad Underwood cleared in DIA Investigation into his coaching

Please everyone. This world is to soft. Without the internet bs we would not have to worry about baby sharks wetting their pants.
If the world was so soft BU wouldn't be cleared and we would have a scandal. If claims of abuse are made the right move is to investigate internally.

One family appears to be soft and that's about it.
Nobody knows what these coaching relationships are like but the players and the coaches. Every kid’s experience is different. We all respond differently to different motivations and challenges. I don’t blame a kid for not meshing with a coach. But it’s like a job. Nobody’s got a gun to your head. If it’s not a fit you can leave. I dont see how Underwood’s a monster. I can see him as a sonuvabitch to play for. If you don’t respond to that then go somewhere where you’ll fit better. No hard feelings. But launching an investigation? That better be some Sandusky level $h!t.
The investigation should have been handled out of house, just as the football and women's bball investigations were before this one. In all likelihood, there is nothing to see here, but you have serious allegations here. How do you not ask any of the six players who left last year about the allegations? Not a particularly good look. More concerned about Whitman's decisions here than Underwood's behavior unless other info comes out.