NFL Offseason

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Vontae had off and on problems with attitude at Illinois and those problems seem to have followed him into the NFL. I hope he takes this trade as a opportunity to make some personal changes.
He needs to listen to coaches more often and he really killed himself by not getting into shape for camp, but Philbin is the worst coach, personality wise, in the NFL. Actually... probably in the entire history of the NFL. He's just awful
Big Jack in NFL

Twitter from Jack Cornell...

Unfortunately, I did not make the Ravens 53-man roster. The good news is I have a spot on their practice squad if I do not get picked up by someone else. The way this works is the Ravens put me on waivers and other teams will know I am a free agent and can pick me up, and then I would be on their 53-man roster. Everything I have heard from the front office is the word is out on me and teams are aware of how good of a camp I had. There is a strong possibility I can make someone else’s team its just a matter of wait and see. Either way I know I have a job in the NFL and that is all that matters. To all of my fans, I really appreciate all of the support you have given me during the beginning of my career in the National Football League and know that this is not the end, it is only the beginning.
Anyone here have any idea how Mikel looks this year? I know he misses the first couple of games (drugs?), but how was his preseason? Are big things expected or is he an unknown.
"The Good Land", WI
Shoot, that's one less Illini in the pros who I can brag kicked my butt in high school.

Is Josh Brent still with the Cowboys?

Those two terrorized the Corn Belt conference, and specifically this uncoordinated white underweight former O-Tackle.
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