North Carolina 71, Gonzaga 65

Here comes the foul trouble for Gonzaga.

I'm having bad flashbacks.
Stylin' and Profilin'
Watch the fouls start to rack up for Gonzaga
S. Carolina
During halftime, I decided to flip over to YouTube to re-watch the 1989 semi-final game vs. Michigan. It's 14-8 ILLINI 5 minutes into the game, and we're headed toward a 112 point effort (extrapolated). Kendall just hit a 12 foot bank shot off the break. It's looking promising this time around!

Go Zags.....
Have you seen the last two calls on Collins? He just got Augie'd in the biggest game of the year.
Meeks drives. Collins blocks the shot. Meeks hangs on the rim and the shot drops.

Then Collins posts up and no extended arm gets called.

Refs ruining this game!
My blood pressure is rising watching Karnowski step out to 25' to set picks.
Sycamore, Illinois
I do not understand the NCAA definition of a travel. Some of the stuff they let go and then call what looks like a simple pivot a travel. Not just this game but, throughout the tournament.
A 37-1 team with their only loss in the final regular season game makes it through to the finals to play UNC. Hopefully Karnowski can play more than 9 minutes.

Looks like they are gonna foul everyone out tonight

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This is getting ridiculous. I was looking forward to this match-up but this is going south really fast. This second half is going to take forever.