Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

If Wisconsin and Michigan State settled the issue of Lovie’s immediate job security ...

... Eastern Michigan and Northwestern is a warning not to increase the buyout or add any guaranteed money.
Lovie Made some terrible coaching calls today, Rod too... but we were missing key players at every position just about, including the most important one.

Its just sad when their 4th string qb and gameplan is way better than our 2nd!

I commented on our O-line wasn’t good last week and someone disagreed - how can they have that many starts together and be so .... not good?

Robinson - not good

Corbin breaking runs outside - bad

Rod play calling (maybe I’m picking on him Bc I rag on this with every loss)

Defensive point of attack - awful

Stopping a team that barely threw it - awful

Overall - not ideal

Really need a garbage opponent for the bowl game so we can win and positive news in recruiting. Those 2 things will make me
Happy again.

Glad for 6 wins, but the depth is still not there. Apparently even with the 1s.
It is so obvious that this coaching staff is not doing a good job at preparing the players and then following it up with poor game management. I love the university and want this program to succeed, but Lovie is not the answer if he doesn’t make some changes this offseason. The four game win streak probably set this program back another year or two in the rebuilding process.
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William's should have started...

That ball to Bonner up the middle was beautiful and looked better than anything Robinson threw all day! Even on the interception the ball looked gorgeous going through the air
This. I feel like we could have lived losing but with IW out there. We may have seen a few more turnovers, but also a few more explosive plays and likely a few more points.
I'm Mr. Optimist on this board, but beating NU is extremely important. Keep losing to them and we stay as a No Name bowl qualifier at best. The Chicago media will ignore us or keep the stories negative.

Poor calling by OC, put our 2nd string QB in bad position trying to hit our 2nd string receivers. Establish the run coach! Bad weather today with your back up QB/WRs, not going to get a lot of passing yards. I knew that as soon as I saw the weather report 2 days ago.
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This was bad. I get the injuries and the rain but NW has been terrible all year and we lost by 3 scores. I hope we get more people back, rested and ready to win a bowl game. Shake this one off guys...
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Yeah, Smith's job is safe. A bowl appearance was the bar for most and that was accomplished. Fought through all kinds of injuries,also. Many teams do but that is still a hurdle.. Losing to NW for the 5th year in a row is hard to swallow.
If Wisconsin and Michigan State settled the issue of Lovie’s immediate job security ...

... Eastern Michigan and Northwestern is a warning not to increase the buyout or add any guaranteed money.
Relax. Let the emotion of the game wear off. It was crummy to watch today, but there's only so much he can control. I, for one, did not realize half of the roster was on the injured list. I'm sure he wished his QB, top receiver, an offensive lineman and half his defense weren't out with injuries. They were. You can't make that an excuse for a losing if you have any self he won't. That said, both lines of scrimmage were dominated. It's almost impossible to scheme when that's the case.

Let's see what the bowl ends up being, then reflect on the fact that we played a full season of games that meant something in what....almost a decade?

Too many people jump on and off the bandwagon week to week.

He will be extended, he should be extended, he deserves to be extended. The guy is two weeks removed from being carried off the field by his players.

Relax and enjoy the bowl game.