Penn State 72, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

What a [fart noise] way to finish the season. No momentum or identity on offense. Illinois’ second halves this season have been all bad. Not sure why they consistently get outplayed (or out-schemed) after halftime.
the Front Range
Whew, I’m glad it’s done. We looked gassed. Somewhat discombobulated. And maybe a bit checked out. I don’t blame them. It’s been a long loooong season.
Time to move on to next season. Keep all the non-seniors on the roster (no transfers, please!) and keep hitting the recruiting trail hard. Kofi should be a huge help, but Underwood needs to consistently bring in good players and develop them. The team made it interesting this season for a few weeks, but a 7-13 Big Ten record speaks for itself. It's not good enough. This program is not back to winning yet. Time will tell. Underwood has work to do, lots of it.