Penn State 72, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

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What a [fart noise] way to finish the season. No momentum or identity on offense. Illinois’ second halves this season have been all bad. Not sure why they consistently get outplayed (or out-schemed) after halftime.
We've regressed. Not sure the reason, but there is no way this team has much of a post-season. Hope they play with pride in the BTT, even if they can't get past anyone.
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Whew, I’m glad it’s done. We looked gassed. Somewhat discombobulated. And maybe a bit checked out. I don’t blame them. It’s been a long loooong season.
Not sure how a team can regress so badly after a nice run. Seems to be some dysfunction with this team.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kane transfer he can’t get off of the bench. I could never understand why he didn’t get some time against Harms when we had no answer for him. At least his height may have caused him some problems
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Time to move on to next season. Keep all the non-seniors on the roster (no transfers, please!) and keep hitting the recruiting trail hard. Kofi should be a huge help, but Underwood needs to consistently bring in good players and develop them. The team made it interesting this season for a few weeks, but a 7-13 Big Ten record speaks for itself. It's not good enough. This program is not back to winning yet. Time will tell. Underwood has work to do, lots of it.
We have to be the worst team in the country when it comes to last possession of the half. Dribble the clock down to nothing and either throw up a prayer or turn it over
Hoping Underwood can keep the roster in tact. Kipper I have to imagine is gone (which if he is, I can't imagine all of his minutes of late.) Please stay Tev, Alan and Samba! I don't know why you don't get more opportunities but I hope you see how much your needed!

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really glad the (regular) season is OVER....