Penn State 83, Illinois 76 POSTGAME

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We made some runs, just didn't have enough to counter. Lotta credit to PSU on this one. Some horrid officiating at times.
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That 3 possession stretch where we held them to no points and then got NOTHING on our side of the court is what sealed it.

Also, the Penn State tantrums after being called for fouls should have been T’s. Refs just didn’t see them.
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They were physically tougher from start to finish. They got loose balls. They denied us easy layups. And we missed a lot of point blank shots.

Man, I really wish we had a warrior like a Lamar Stevens.
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Once again, the formula is so simple for this team.....aggresive D, and make 70%+ FT'

We let them get to the basket at will, we took questionable shots in the first half (Trent), and couldn't make FT's. Lame.
seems like we regressed today - i think the talent is comparable, they had the size but they also had the hustle and intensity
After Giorgi, Trent, and Ayo we are not getting much offense from anyone else. Someone has to step up.
When those three combined take the majority of shots there’s not much room for offense from someone else... it’s very clear the team wants to get the ball to one of them for the shot. No one steps up because those three want it so bad and take shots regardless
This was a humble reminder we’re still lacking some pieces. Their size was a problem for us. And boy, I’d love to have a dude like Lamar Stevens on this team. With that said, I think we win our next matchup against them
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Looks like we've gotten ahead of ourselves as to how good we really are. We are who we thought we were.
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Every deflection seemed to bounce right to PSU today, every blind tip went straight in the hoop, and they just didn’t miss at the line. So frustrating.