Player nicknames

Let’s have some fun while not much is happening thinking of nicknames for our players. I’ll start:

King Kofi
Awesome Ayo
Tricky Trent
Defender Damonte
Galloping Georgi
Clutch Hutch
Great Grandi
I sort of think this entire thread is cringy but if it's going to exist why not use nicknames that the guys have sorta indicated they like?

Kofi Cockburn: King Kofi
Adam Miller: Ace Wolf
Zach Griffith: Zima

If you're going to make stuff up, how about:

Ayo Dosunmu: Iceman or "the doctor" cause he'll give you the shot (see these are bad)
Ben Bosmans-Verdonk: Big Bosmans
Giorgi Bezhanishvili: Giorgi-B