Poll for UIUC grads

If the athletic department ran a bus from and to Chicago to the football games would you attend?

  • Yes

    Votes: 25 43.9%
  • No

    Votes: 32 56.1%

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Western Suburbs
"post a poll"

If the athletic department ran a bus to and from the Chicagoland area to the Illinois football games would you attend the games?


Former Krush Cow
South Bend, IN
As much fun as it sounds to sit in a bus with 50 other drunk fans for 3 hours, it'd be a no for me. I like to set my own schedule.
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Same. Like to be in control of my own schedule. If you want to go that bad, a 2-2.5 hour drive a few Saturday’s each year shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

Side note: a couple times I’ve driven home only to pull in my subdivision in Mokena at the same time as an Illini Gameday truck. Crazy spooky!
I am a bit curious. I am not trying to be critical.

Isn't someone doing this already? If it was going to be a money maker wouldn't one of the existing bus companies do it already? If no one else provides this option, why not? If they do, why does the AD need to do it also? Are they going to offer better service or a lower price?
Western Suburbs
To my knowledge, no one is providing this service now. I set up this poll to see if there was enough interest to provide this service. There is no reason that the AD has to provide this service but if there is enough interest maybe he should.
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The devil's in the details. It's my kids' activities which have kept me from attending games, not lack of transportation. But if there was a super cheap and convenient bus (otherwise, I would just drive) that would allow time before/after the game to spend some time around campus, I might be more inclined to attend a game, schedule permitting, of course.

On the other hand, you didn't limit the question to home games. If you were talking about a game at say, Nebraska, where we can crash on the bus and not have to worry about finding a hotel within 100 miles of Lincoln, maybe do some tailgating, give time to check out campus and the bar scene, well, sorry kids, Dad's going to be out of town Sept. 21st and miss your game.