Poll: Who does Bryce Hopkins pick?

Who does Bryce Hopkins pick?

  • Kentucky

    Votes: 91 43.1%
  • Illinois

    Votes: 86 40.8%
  • Providence

    Votes: 31 14.7%
  • Indiana

    Votes: 3 1.4%

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I'm a bit of a pessimist I guess. Speculating the Hoosier and Illini zoom calls are to (respectively) tell both programs they're "out" ----- since Bryce and his Dad have pretty much already made their decision.

Insiders -- tell me I'm wrong!
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You don't have a meeting with the full staff to tell them they are out.....
Did both IU and us have full staff meetings? I'm assuming you're strictly talking about us.

I'll hang up and continue reading between the lines :)
Ace Wolf
Looking at the current poll... I truly believe this is the most accurate assessment of the overall climate of this recruitment... much more accurate than the “crystal balls” ✨🙄
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Is this a sign of something? Are we expecting this decision to play out on Monday?