Pregame: Illinois at Michigan, Saturday, January 6th, 11:00am CT, BTN

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Michigan is ranked higher in Kenpom and barttorvik than Minnesota.

They have beat Texas and UCLA, both better teams than Minnesota's best win - which is us.

Michigan has absolutely been outplaying MN this year.
Kenporn and batikking aside, we win...and I have seen eggs better beaten than Michigan wins.
Changes are coming to the starting lineup. Expect to see at the start of the Michigan game.

"The change in second-half starters also appears to be a precursor of what’s to come for the Illini when they return to action Saturday against Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich.

“We’re not going to stick with the same group,” Underwood said. “That’s why I changed it at halftime. We’ve got to continue to grow.”"

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That "scouting report" shows that no one other than Illinois fans has seen Illinois play (I don't blame them). Illinois is a "veteran team" could be the funniest thing I have heard in awhile.
There is so much garbage from ill informed "journalist/bloggers" out there.

Like a guy who predicted Bradley would finish dead last in the MVC this year, got tons of hate on twitter, and said "I just started writing on college basketball, I don't know much yet" for an excuse.
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I can't imagine, after how we started at Minny, that we will not come out and compete hard from the opening tip. I'm not predicting a win, but I believe we will give them a serious challenge and have at least a chance to win.
That "scouting report" shows that no one other than Illinois fans has seen Illinois play (I don't blame them). Illinois is a "veteran team" could be the funniest thing I have heard in awhile.

That Michigan scouting report IS jaw-droppingly uninformed. Let's hope that's what their team thinks, too.
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If we win only one more game this season, let it be this one.

Full disclosure: I said this before the MIZNOZ game, and I will also say it before the I diots O ut W andering A round game, and the Indiana game.:D:illinois:
Would be great to sneak this one out on the road.
Here's another mistake in the same article.

"Michael Finke, a 6-10 big guy and Aaron Jordan, a junior guard are the only players that average double figures in scoring..."

In the paragraphy immediately before...

"...The top player is senior forward Leron Black, who leads the team with 14.7 PPG. He also averages more than five rebounds and shoots a high percentage overall (52 percent) and from 3-point range (44 percent)."

So MF and AJ aren't the only players averaging double-figure points. :cool:

They could use an editor/proof reader.
Don't see a win here. Michigan, plays pretty good defense. I just don't see illini scoring enough points to win game. Haven't scored more than 70 in last 4 games. I also don't know who Finke can guard. Wagner, goes outside and in and is quicker than him.
What will this line be? Michigan -6?
I think 6 is probably more of a neutral court line. I'm guessing it will open somewhere between 9 and 10, which I like us for. I don't think we'll win, but I do think we find a way to keep the deficit in single digits.
Underwood: First 10-12 minutes of Minnesota was "a good old fashioned whooping."

Underwood: Proud of guys to fight back and give ourselves a chance. Clean looks at two 3s to cut it to one possession. I like our fight coming back.

Underwood: 2-for-10 from AJ and 2-for-11 from Finke, those numbers aren't going to bode well for us during a given night

Underwood: "The lineup change didn't have as much to do with one individual," more of a reaction to a moment in the game and who had a hot hand.

Underwood: "There will be some changes tomorrow" to lineup at some level. Not sure exactly but have played with a few different things.

Underwood: You guys put way more (into a starting lineup) than we do. I don't want to get off to bad starts. Try to start guys with best defensive approach to what we do, like Mark Alstork.

Underwood: Just as important that you have firepower coming off your bench as you did with your starters. Yet, we can't dig ourselves such a hole. I'm sensitive to that.

"Then you try to find guys with chemistry together." Also like to bring "firepower off the bench." Not many talk about how productive our bench is.
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