Pregame: Illinois at Nebraska, Sunday, December 2nd, 4:00pm CT, BTN

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ya, being anywhere close would be a surprise. nebraska is good, and it's away.
What is everyone else seeing in Nebraska? They're okay, but they're not world beaters. They have one decent win over Clemson but were also handled by Texas Tech. Not going to be a blowout by any means.
They also handled Seton Hall easily.
Their defense has been very good all year, ours has not.
They are led by three seniors (who are also all Jrs., haha), so they have a severe experience advantage.

Sure, they are not "world beaters", but nothing we have done indicates you need to be that level to handle us.

They have a tendency to fall in love with the 3, so if that isn't falling for them we have a chance. If they are falling, we'll be blown out. They aren't aggressive at getting to the line or going for offensive boards, which is something else that could help us.
Here are my guesses. Nebraska will win by 10 points. ILL will keep it close until the last three minutes but Nebraska will make the necessary free throws at the end. Also, there will be a major foul disparity the entire game in Nebraska's favor.

I can't expect ILL to win against a Power 5 team until the defense improves.
We are Penn State when Illinois was good. Trent Frazier is our Talor Battle or Tim Frazier.
This actually makes a ton of sense. I've watched more Big12 basketball the last few years since BW has been at KSU, and watching WVU, I can you how frustrating it is. Tons of fouls, and I mean tons. They always seem to make just enough plays to win games, but it's never pretty.
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