Pregame: Illinois at Northwestern, Sunday, January 6th, 12:00pm CT, BTN

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Not sure why....but I think this is one of those games that we're not suppose to win...but we will....Ill 72 NU 66
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I think so too, we are inconsistently consistent, or is it the other way? I say we run 2 units, starters start 1st half, 2nd unit starts at half with starters coming in as needed. :D(y):coffee:
Big 10 Network has to tease us with the 2005 Illini review? Man I miss those days.
We have a 14.8% chance to win based on ESPN, and there is no earthly reason for me to feel this way.

But, I think the Illini win today, and they don't have the 8 minute scoring drought in the 2nd half. We have our whole team back, we are playing the right players, we have at least equal talent, and it is Northwestern. The season can turn today, and it is possible to get 6-8 B10 wins. If not it could get real ugly.
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