Pregame: Illinois at Ohio State, Thursday, February 14th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

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Illinois at Ohio State
Thursday, February 14th
6:00pm CT

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We've got 3 players,between them, that will total between 45-60 a night, plus all our other freshman growing right before our eyes. AJ so important in so many ways, plus he's good for 10 more, plus Feliz wow what a bulldog, and going for 10 plus, Tev, Griffin and DLR 10-15 that's how we get to 90-100.
win these next four games somehow and NCAA tourney talks start to get real. With wins against Michigan State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Maryland, Ohio St, Nebraska and Minnesota it’d be tough for the committee to ignore us.
Washington State
Youtube TV is listing this as unavailable, but I get ESPN and ESPN 2. Anybody know if it is still a toss up which ESPN channel will carry this game and that's why? I hope...
the Front Range
I’m expecting this to be another dog fight. I bet we go up and OSU fights back in the second half. Hopefully we can keep our composure and pull out the W. I predict a very close win in the mid to upper 70s
This is a must win for the post-season fantasists among us. Of course, every game between now and including Friday in the B1G Tournament is a must win for the Big Dance fantasy. I don't think we can win that many, but I'd hate to see the bubble burst as early as next Thursday.
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