Pregame: Illinois at Penn State, Tuesday, February 18th, 5:30pm CT, FS1

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They have done it Tess!
How much zone does Penn State play? Unless we can make some 3 pointers, Kofi is going to have a lot of company on the blocks.
There is a difference in just playing basketball and competing, WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO COMPETE I DONT CARE WHO IS ON THE FLOOR
1-3-1 zone anyone????......or we stay man??.....who guards Stevens???
Ayo Dosunmu is in uniform and out on the court for warmups. Doesn't 100 percent guarantee he'll play, but that he's dressed is certainly a positive sign. #Illini
Scott Richey
Article on Illinihq. Underwood, says defense or lack there of reason for losing streak. I been bangin' that drum to anybody who would listen. Frazier, in complete agreement. They gotta get that intensity back to be successful.
Underwood, also said he's not concerned about offense, easy to get points from other options. Okay, i'll be watching the next 6 games.
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