Pregame: Illinois at Purdue, Saturday, October 26th, 11:00am CT, BTN

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Illinois at Purdue
Saturday, October 26th
11:00am CT

Big Ten football is so weird. We lost pretty handily to Michigan(but it WAS close at times) who lost to Wisconsin who lost to us.

I'm not confident about this game. I feel a LOT better after today but I feel like we just don't match up well against Purdue's offense. If the game is close late I'm worried our bend don't break defense won't keep them out of field goal range.

We need to get the run game going and maintain control to win.

Get the ball to Corbin Get the ball to Brown. Take a shot if you get 2nd and short off of play action.
Big Ten football is so weird. We lost pretty handily to Michigan(but it WAS close at times) who lost to Wisconsin who lost to us.
That is conference college football. In Pac 12 two weeks ago Oregon State beat UCLA on the road. Last week OSU lost to Stanford at home. So of course this week Stanford loses to UCLA at home.
Haven't been this anxious for an Illini football game in I don't know how long. Playing like we did in Minneapolis would completely erase the upset against Wisconsin. I'll be content with a competitive game going into the 4th quarter. If we pull it out, great.
The Wisky win was massive, unprecedented really.

This game is more important now. Must win. Build off of the momentum and please don't walk-in hungover from todays madness.

We finally have some real hope as fans. Don't let us down.
Will be tough....they can really throw it... knowing our luck, Rondale Moore will be back...if he is out we have a decent chance but still maybe 40%...with him more like 25%...using my totally genius scientific method🙃
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I mean, we can at least hope for Purdue, Rutgers, and NW, right?
This is the question, right? The game at Purdue just became the biggest game for this program in 12 years. Win against Purdue, don't lose your wits against Rutgers and we have 3 straight opportunities to get bowl eligible, including a home game against Northwestern to end the season.

Lose to Purdue and we may find ourselves 4-7 heading into Northwestern. Does 5-7 with a win against NW feel more hollow than 5-7 with a loss to NW? Nothing positive, but beating Purdue (with assumed home win at home over Rutgers) makes this season soooooooo much more interesting than a loss to Purdue.

Regardless, hard not to tune in each week after witnessing what happened today, which is more than I could have imagined 1 day ago. So huge!
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Next week determines fluke vs. momentum right? Exciting opportunity for us next Saturday. I am hopeful as always. The post game interviews put a smile on my face -- everybody was well spoken and seemed to reflect the class of the head coach. Hoping that class comes with the same level of play we had today
Bypassed all the previous comments(busy celebrating), but if we give a collective effort this's a good team. Talent's been there the whole time. Game changing W. Just run to the ball defense
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Gonna record this one, lol.

Should be a good test. We should be able to put up some points. Game will ride on the D, I figure. Can see us getting thrashed to winning. Our coverage is shaky and PU's a good passing team. We need to pressure their QB, plain and simple. Otherwise, ...
This game worries me, our defense matches up better against a pro-style offense. We really need to heavily pressure Purdue to keep routes short and hopefully get some turn overs. We are going to make mistakes and give up big plays, but if we can stay physical and close and run the ball I like our chances to build on the Wiscy upset.
I imagine this will be very similar to the Nebraska game. Without the home crowd support it will be even tougher.

I've been chugging spiked orange soda so...

Lovie's Magic Beard- 36
Purdue- 34
Jeff Brohm still has a lot of skill possession talent and he knows how to use it but Rondale Moore’s status for next Saturday will be watched by Illini fans everywhere. He changes everything, his status is unknown at this time.
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