Pregame: Illinois at UConn, Saturday, September 7th, 2:30pm CT, CBSSN

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I use Hulu Live. I have never tried YTTV. However, one of the biggest pros for Hulu in my opinion is that for the base price, you also get their entire on demand library. So I get live tv and a "base" Hulu subscription for the price of one
I dumped Hulu for buffering issues. I've had no such issues with YTTV. YMMV :)
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After two years with Vue I changed to YTTV last year. I liked Vue, but I like YTTV better, mainly because it just seems to work better. I am also a satisfied roku user, with 4 different models, and prefer the separate tv and streaming device, as opposed to Smart TV, for ease of replacement as the need arises.
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Illinois' current SP+ ranking is essentially where we should be rooting for it to finish at year's end (69th). Currently has Illinois at 82nd offense (below average), 51st defense (above average). Finish around there and you're in bowl contention. Also for context, Akron is ranked 127th (out of 130) and UCONN is actually worse (128th). EMU is 97th, in the neighborhood of Rutgers.
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EDIT: It looks like there are 1,923 UIUC alumni in Connecticut, with the total system (i.e., plus UIC and UIS) having 2,461. Adding MA, RI and NY gets us to 15,939. If you guys ALL go, we will have approximately 42% of the crowd. :ROFLMAO: Cool tool, by the way:
And there are about 4,000 UIUC alumni in NJ (including my sister in Marlton who won't be coming up), plus 412 in VT, 735 in NH, and 548 in Maine. Pennsylvania has about 4,600, so figure half of that. That's a total of approximately 8,000 of just UIUC alums. Add that to CT, MA, RI and NY, and that comes to approximately 24,000. Or 60 percent of the stadium. Pack the house. Our guys deserve it.
Tyngsborough, MA
Rod could put 60+ on the board if he wanted to this week. I would hammer Illinois to cover if I bet on Illinois athletics. ;)
From what I am hearing, it may be hard not to put 60+ on the board, with the D contributing.
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Looking for consistency.
Whatever they did against Akron was good enough for the win.
Duplicate that against UConn.
So far, we’re 2 for 2 on following my preferred uniform track:

• O/B/O for most home games
• O/W/O for most away games
• Save All O or All B for one big game per year (don’t use both)
• Gray for Homecoming (maybe ... could take it or leave it ... needs more orange)
• Look like the Bears vs. NU (B/B/W, B/O/W or B/W/B) always!

I’m warming up to the jerseys, I’m just not a fan of the completely sporadic color choices.
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UGH - Metallic Orange is much better in this combo IMO
Just curious, which metallic orange are you referring to? I'm guessing you're referring to the one we had in the initial rebrand in 2014. That one was replaced last year (by the one pictured below) and is the only orange one we have that I'm aware of.

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Yep, depending how the light was hitting it, would totally change the look.

This was the one - I had thought it was still in the wardrobe as an option. But if not, oh well - its not the first change that is Syracusy in nature. Probably answers the other question of why the TM on orange-white-orange (SU perhaps? ;) ). I just feel like we bought SU's unis at a garage sale and would at least like something a bit different that what they had.

The new orange is pretty meh especially in a base helmet like the one Corbin wears.
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