Pregame: Illinois vs Georgetown, Tuesday, November 13th, 7:30pm CT, FS1

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To put a damper on our opener...we won by even more in our first game last year. And we were saying some of the exact same things like “BU put his stamp on this team”, “we are finally fun to watch again”, “this team plays so hard”, etc.

I love being able to play a real opponent early in the year. Either our expectations get tempered real fast, or they suddenly rise a lot higher. Whatever happens, it’s better than watching us beat one of the worst teams in the MVC by 40.
No Ayo, no Feliz, no chemistry. I'm not trying to be overly optimistic, but this smells different, looks different, and feels different.
Too early in the season to get a solid read on either team. I am much more positive after the real game than the exhibition. Seems like there is more chemistry than last year, but if its organic chemistry, ew. Hated that I had that lab instead of the engineering chem lab. Certainly a lack of cupcakes on the schedule.

Hopefully we can maintain the upward trend. Think we really need this one, hopefully the guards turn them over plenty and we roll!

Also these players fit way more into BU’s system. Seeing the pinch post actually get utilized was good to see.
Kipper should be way more lethal there than he has been. You don’t put a guy like kip at 5 in this offense for him to shoot over bigs, unless he has a ton of space (he hasn’t). You put him there to attack them off 1-2 dribbles on an island. He didn’t do that in the exhibition or game one. Would be nice if he started doing that.
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you feel me, dog?
Expecting a win. Beyond that, who knows? Definitely a couple of steps up in competition. Interested in how all of our players fare, of course. But especially interested in how Giorgi fares.
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At least this year this team seems to have a pulse,lead by Ayo,Frazier,and Feliz. Geigi looks more comfortable in the Pinch Post.Still early, so far so good .
I think Illinois can play well against their guards, but Jessie Govan is the Hoya I'm concerned about the most. 6-10, 255 lbs...good size. Averaged a double-double last season. He is a quality big, and possibly one of the best Illinois will face all season. Giorgi better come ready to do battle, and stay out of foul trouble.
First big Giorgi has played against. Should tell us a lot.
Giorgi seems like a player even with his demeanor, that relishes the game/contact/physical mix it up stuff....I think he will react well, as long as fouls don't come into play...Kipper is the key to this one imo, and probably most of our games as well. Kipper needs to find that gear and play with a little aggression also against G-Town!
After watching the dismal Illini football game today I really need a big win against the Hoyas or I'll start drinking heavier than I already am....
That means I'll wake up some morning and my liver will be stretched out on the other pillow smoking a cigerette with a big evil smile on his face....
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