Pregame: Illinois vs Indiana, Sunday, January 18th, 12:00pm CT, BTN

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Extremely excited for this game. Wish I had tickets, but I'll probably be acting the same way on my couch as I would in the nosebleeds at Assembly Hall.

Fairfield, IL
Egwu is three blocks away from tying the UI career block record...can he pull it off tomorrow, or eclipse it?

Coming the :ah:
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Clark County
Two teams that have shown moments of promise as well as let downs. I have no idea what to expect today. Just hoping to hold home court against the most hated rival.

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Are they ever going to make those jerseys for sale again? I remember Nike made orange ones for sale back in 2008 or something.
Baltimore, MD
i would be so incredibly happy if we made those our permanent jerseys again. i was instantly jacked when i saw them at the mizzou game, sure i was not the only one.
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