Pregame: Illinois vs Iowa, Thursday, March 14th, 8:30pm CT, BTN

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Winner gets Michigan

Illinois vs Iowa (United Center, Chicago, IL)
Thursday, March 14th
8:30pm CT

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I know one way to improve our chances against Iowa, leave Damonte on the bench. Literally hasn’t scored in three straight games. Hope we win tomorrow night and get some revenge from our previous outing against the Hawkeyes. Think Trent and Andres gained some confidence with their performances tonight. Great win against Northwestern, hope we get it done again tomorrow!
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I would love to see more Tev in the Iowa game. His speed and length will be needed. We must keep the tempo to our liking and get GB involved early. It would be interesting to see a line up change where we start Dre and bring in Williams off the bench.
Not confident in my head, but my heart has always been the bigger Illini fan. The GF and I were gonna try to go to a game Friday if we made it that long ... SHE decided we should leave a few hours earlier tomorrow and go see our boys take on Iowa. See you at the UC, whomever else is going!

all underwood had to do was mindmeld all these fanatic gymrats into one cohesive group that actually won a tournament game that mattered. i was crying and pumping my fists like an old lady forever fan. my husband doesn't get this at all, as he is from montans...but he loves the fact i get jubilated.
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This is purely a WAG from my observations, but the body language and demeanor of all of our transfers last year is different than what I observe in TJ, AG, and SK. It's a different locker room. Maybe there are things behind the scenes that we won't know until the last moments, but I get the feeling that this group wants to stay together and build something.
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Needless to say, we have to really cover their shooters. Wish we had another effective big, defensively. Not feeling it, sadly.
It will take a better effort than we had last night to beat Iowa. They play poor defense so we will get looks, but they can score if we leave them open like last time. Hope i’m wrong, but I don’t expect to win unless our defense magically reverts to where we were 3 weeks ago.
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Giorgi will get doubled and they will dare the rest to beat them. Ayo, Trent, and somebody else will have to show tonight or we'll get thumped.
I am assuming this is sarcasm because I can't think of a reason why they would be scared of us
There is a nice sense of schizophrenia reading their boards; I think the fan attitude breaks down roughly like this:

50% casual fan disenchantment ... just done and assume they will lose to literally anyone without thinking much about the opponent
35% "we suck, but we'll obviously beat ILLANNOY!!!! We haves fans ins Chicagos!"
10% true depression, talking about firing Fran and how no one good would even want to come take his place at Iowa
5% absolutely, 100% convinced that they will destroy us by as much as they did in Iowa City
Winner gets Michigan

and going by Kenpom, they would be 19 point favorites. I can't imagine a team getting that many points though, even if they're playing their 3rd game in as many days.

Hope they play better against Iowa. We still looked tired against NW.
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