Pregame: Illinois vs Iowa, Thursday, March 14th, 8:30pm CT, BTN

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I think we're going to pressure them as we normally do. Last outing against us they did fork up 15 turnovers and I think the game would have been a lot closer had they not gone bezerk from deep. I do hope if they come out hitting shots that we revert to something else.
Last few games we have been turning over more than our opponents.
Seems like we are going to have to be on our game tonight, low fouls, shoot and rebound well, also make our own fts.
My thoughts....and I want this win as much as any Illini fan, which I have been for 65 years.

1. Iowa is simply a better team, maybe not more athletically gifted but they certainly know how to play basketball better than our guys. They shoot the heck out of it by moving the ball quickly and securely and do not take off balance flings as a result, something our guys do far too often. Maybe, because of their size, the Illini find that necessary....I don't but maybe I am wrong and quick hurls at the hoop while falling down or being draped by two huge defenders is sound strategy for quick guards in today's game...but I want guards who can handle, move the ball quickly, and hit shots anywhere from the rim to 25 ft. away at a 50% clip....not 25%. Giorgi cannot do it alone and Garda will likely outscore and out-rebound him simply because he stated he was a dominant center...and no one has said that about Garda...huge mistake by Giorgi.

2. In Illini wins their defense has been spectacular in both execution and effort. We have not seen that lately and playing their second game in a row I certainly have no reason to see a doubling of energy and focus on defense. The result I expect is a continuation of running flings at the hoop, boings from the arc, and a plethora of fumbles and mystery passes to the 6th row. Man, I hope I am a fool for having these expectations, but there has simply been nothing presented in that last few games to expect otherwise. Iowa by 15. Now, Ayo, go prove me wrong. Wait...I am old but I seem to remember a decent player for the Illini by that there one still?
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I don't think that Iowa is a particularly good team, but they are a team that is a matchup nightmare for our guys. We don't handle bullies under the basket very well and Iowa has two. We don't recover well when we double and Iowa has some lights out shooters.

I see us getting beat up on the glass fairly badly, a lot of Iowa second chance put backs and if they shoot the ball reasonably well, we're in trouble.

We'll struggle against Iowa for the same reasons we struggled against Penn State, though I think PSU is more athletic.

I am hoping beyond hope that I'm wrong, but I see:

Iowa. 81
The Beloved. 68
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