Pregame: Illinois vs Lindenwood, Tuesday, November 26th, 7:00pm CT, BTN+

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We have Tuesday Night Maction & tonight we get Tuesday Night SCHMACKTION!!!
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The improved record that doesn't count toward RPI or postseason because Lindenwood is DII? Meh.
TBF, I meant more some cupcake games after the Arizona blowout loss. Yes, we should not be playing DII opponents. :/

However, assuming we take care of business, I like the idea of a 6-1 Illini team hosting Miami (FL) next Monday night. I like the idea of a 7-1 Illini team heading into two tough B1G games even better!

So I just happened to glance at the game notes. Does this mean anything? I don't know if they have been listing Tevian as sitting out or suspended before.

I would've thought that Underwood would have announced Tevian's return in his press conference.
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Underwood prefers home games.
Just watched the pre-game press conference, I would say that you are right. I know it worked for Syracuse for a long time (don't know if still true). There is some sensibility to being home and having more time for practice. Less travel, less interference with classes, etc. Downside, the competition is not likely going to be the same (obviously).
Tevian Jones has been listed in all the other Game Notes.
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Out of curiosity, I glanced at And Katz' latest Power 36 and we're not ranked --- nor did we make his First Eight Out. So I guess that means the Arizona loss dropped us 30 spots from his pre-season rankings? I then noticed we've received no votes from either of the two national polls. That puts us at no better than 9th in the Big Ten.

We're certainly not getting much respect out there!

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