Pregame: Illinois vs Miami, Monday, December 2nd, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

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Illinois vs Miami
Monday, December 2nd
6:00pm CT

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Miami is the start of the season barometer for us.

They lost by (13) early on against L-Ville....lately they got pummeled by UCONN, (25) and UCONN is not overly great this year?

If we play team ball and work it around, ILLINI win 83-71.
Normal, Illinois
Last 3 games have me feeling the most confident about an Illini win in the Challenge in forever. The team has finally seemed to have woken up after sleepwalking through the first 4 games.
I'm ok with being a team that everyone is sleeping on. We will be a dark horse and stun alot of teams we aren't supposed to beat; in this and the post season...😉
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Winning everything but @MD, would be fantastic, and it's very doable. I think, even if we lose at MD, we need to be the first half team of the AZ game for the entire game. Play that way, and who knows?

But, let's start with Miami...I would love to see us dominate them, but even a squeeker is okey dokey.
What would have happened to John Groce's recruiting steam and tenure if we had gotten a Sweet 16 berth that year?

I have a grudge against Miami (even though it's actually a grudge against stripes).
North Bethesda, Maryland
Still remember the horrible call that screwed us in the tourney which next year started the replay review during end of games.
I wish that was in place for the 1984 tourney game as well. Although I can't remember if that out-of-bounds was within the last two minutes.

I had my games mixed up, that was the phantom foul supposedly committed by Douglas on a clear tie-up with less than a minute left...and the Kentucky player also travelled if I recall.

Anyway, let's take that out on Miami too.
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This should be a real bellwether game for us. It's a game against a major conference opponent who we should, by all accounts, beat handily. We've struggled in a lot of these sorts of games lately so I will be interested in how we handle this. If we take care of business, I think that bodes well for the season.
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