Pregame: Illinois vs Miami, Monday, December 2nd, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

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For fun, here is our Big Ten/ACC Challenge history:

2018-19: Notre Dame 74, Illinois 76 in South Bend, IN
2017-18: Wake Forest 80, Illinois 73 in Winston-Salem, NC
2016-17: Illinois 88, NC State 74 in Champaign, IL
2015-16: Notre Dame 84, Illinois 79 in Champaign, IL
2014-15: #15 Miami (FL) 70, #24 Illinois 61 in Coral Gables, FL
2013-14: Georgia Tech 67, Illinois 64 in Atlanta, GA
2012-13: #22 Illinois 75, Georgia Tech 62 in Champaign, IL
2011-12: Illinois 71, Maryland 62 in College Park, MD
2010-11: #20 Illinois 79, North Carolina 67 in Champaign, IL
2009-10: Illinois 76, #18 Clemson 74 in Clemson, SC
2008-09: Clemson 76, Illinois 74 in Champaign, IL
2007-08: Maryland 69, Illinois 61 in College Park, MD
2006-07: #19 Maryland 72, Illinois 66 in Champaign, IL
2005-06: #12 Illinois 68, North Carolina 64 in Chapel Hill, NC
2004-05: #5 Illinois 91, #1 Wake Forest 73 in Champaign, IL
2003-04: #10 North Carolina 88, #11 Illinois 81 in Greensboro, NC
2002-03: #25 Illinois 92, #12 North Carolina 65 in Champaign, IL
2001-02: #5 Maryland 76, #2 Illinois 63 in College Park, MD
2000-01: #1 Duke 78, #9 Illinois 77 in Greensboro, NC
1999-00: #17 Duke 72, #16 Illinois 69 in Chicago, IL
Some fun, strange memories amongst that list. Maniscalco vs Maryland. Bertrand vs GT. BP and the Clemson comeback...
Lose and season's over?
You’re being facetious, but I think the season many are hoping for, which is being off the bubble, would be over.

Our schedule to start the season and Big Ten means winning ALL of the favored home games. Last I checked the projections we had only one or two Q2 games, and a dozen Q1 games. We need to win every Q3 and Q4 game, and hope for enough Q1 wins to prove we belong in the tourney.

If we lose any Q3 and Q4 games we’ll need to over perform against teams much better than us, repeatedly.
I hope they don’t look past this one now that the next two after will be against the 3rd and 4th ranked teams in the country.
Here's the full game from 1999:
Who was the designer of that ACC/Big Ten Challenge logo at half court?! Looks like someone typed it out on a blank sheet of paper and everyone just called it a day.
Just looking at Miami stats and box scores from last few games. Looks like they have some decent 3-pt shooters (start 3 guards), but are pretty bad rebounding team. Missouri St. out rebounded them 45-25 three games ago. Florida and UConn also out rebounded them in their last two games, but not like that. Would be a surprise if Kofi didn't get a double-double.
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