Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan, Thursday, January 10th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

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If they continue to improve, this one might be less than a 15 point loss.
The only way we have a chance it to shoot 50% from 3 and stay out of foul trouble. That seems unlikely, but even bad teams get hot once in a while. More likely, it’s our worst loss of the season.
Even if we play well this is going to be a double digit loss.

We are going to struggle big time with their height and athleticism at both ends. Their 2-4 positions collectively will be hands down the best we face all year. Unless we somehow win the BTT and face Duke in the first Rd?
Call me crazy, but I think Michigan overlooks us and we make it at least somewhat interesting. Team is very hungry for a win and being at home against the #2 team will have them fired up.
I am going to support the above statement from a not so crazy Loyalty brother! Hopefully there will be much difference from the Gonzaga game on a neutral court when we face another top tier team in Michigan in our pinball machine and not a neutral court.
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