Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan, Thursday, January 10th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

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I read an article earlier that said this is the first time since Dec 4 that Michigan has played an away game.

This game could be on the moon but the Illini won't cover or keep it close.....( using the old Himey approach, for those who remember him and always picking against the Illini )
We need to solve these epic scoring droughts if we are going to hang with a good team. Think um is a tough opponent to figure this out against.
This is one of those games we need to shoot 30 three’s...and make 20 of them to have a chance. I know how this board hates moral victory talk, but keeping to single digits is sign of improvement and encouraging for the rest of the year. Need Giorgi to stay out of foul trouble to have any chance.
We rank 196th in points scored and are 248th in points allowed
Michigan giving up 55.6 a game
Bovada has the Illinii +.9.5
Can anyone convince me I should take the points?
I'll try:

We're a dangerous team...mostly to ourselves and people who bet on us.
On the up side, we've covered our last 2 games.
On the down side, we're 6-9 vs the spread, and have had some really lame 2nd halves.
On the upside down side, that spread is way too favorable to Michigan betters, if you use the typical stats models.
On the downside up side, it's only money.

Did it work? :p
Okay time for me to give an analysis of this game, and try to figure out how much of a chance we have...

Simpson will likely guard Trent. Simpson is a terrific defender, and Trent is struggling. Not a good sign for us. However; we shouldn’t be worried about Simpson scoring much himself, but he likely will end the game with 7-10 assists with many just from backcuts that lead to scores. If Trent is making his three’s, this is a solid matchup for us.

Ayo is likely to guard Poole. Both guys know how to get a bucket, but Poole has been great lately, really need Ayo to play defense like he did against NW.

AJ is going to likely get worked by Matthews. Not a good matchup for us, the kid is a great player and defender. Going to have to rotate AJ/Damonte/Kipper/Jones on Matthews/Poole tonight and hope for the best.

LOVE Georgi/Teske matchup. Think extending him out to the three point line will allow Georgi to drive by him as much as he wants, and hopefully get him in foul trouble. Michigan doesn’t have a deep frontcourt, Georgi will need to stay out of foul trouble, however; am imagining Georgi picking up soft fouls on helping protect the basket when their guards penetrate. Need AD to step up too!

Overall, don’t see us pulling this out unless both Ayo and Trent are hitting shots, and Georgi gets 10-12 touches downlow/in position to score. If Kipper plays the way he did in the second half of NW game, Adonis keeps progressing, and we get something positive on the stat sheet from AJ/Damonte/Jones/Feliz we might hang around. Also, anyone know if Livers is suiting up tonight?
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