Pregame: Illinois vs Missouri, Saturday, December 21st, 12:00pm CT, SEC

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Chicago, IL
I'm going to be in Chicago for the weekend, is there a game watch or good place to catch the game on Saturday. Thanks!
Fatpour at Damen and Division has a great beer selection and delicious food. Only downside is that they recently became a Michigan/Miznoz bar. If you can overlook that, it'd be a good place to be
Honestly this seems pretty straight forward to me. Illinois is great when they can get the ball inside, and they’re excellent in transition offense. But we are a poor shooting team and as a result, fairly inefficient in the half court game. Mizzou is very good defensively, but struggles on offense. Nearly half their shot attempts are from 3, yet they haven’t been a good shooting team so far this year.

If MizNoz can ugly the game up by slowing it down and turning it into a half court game, they’ll be able to keep it close. If they can do that and make 3s, then it’s a tossup. If any other scenario, Illinois probably rolls to a big win.
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Tipsheet ran into a friend who just realized the Braggin' Rights game was Saturday. He had forgotten all about it, like a lot of sports fans.
The Missouri-Illinois game has become a not-ready-for-prime-time rivalry. The teams will play at noon Saturday at Enterprise Center. As for the TV side, the game fell to the SEC Network.

There were will be a decent crowd Saturday -- unlike friends-and-family gatherings the Tigers typically draw in Boone County -- but the ticket demand is nothing like the old days when sellouts triggered a robust aftermarket.


this is so sad....this game used to be must see tv, always on @ 8pm on ESPN...........I remember waiting all day long , making matchups out and figuring what the game was going to be...Now it seems to be an afterthought in college sad

Illini 74
misery 59
ASecondChance never admits to being Daddy Smith, but how about this for a clue:
"Underwood is NO WHERE (Sic)NEAR the coach
Bruce Weber is or will ever be.....
Underwood is a tyrant (Treadmills) and should not be a part of developing young people or advising young people about life"

Not sure what occupation Daddy Smith has, but he has lots of trouble with grammer and spelling.
Hmm, something, something, throwing stones
Why is this game not even on the BTN. Presbyterian vs UM is the game on the BTN at the same time. Something doesn't add up on the TV coverage. IU vs ND is the ESPN game at the same time.
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It was on BTN last year. They switch home team every year for TV purposes, so Mizzou has it this year, thus SEC network.
I live in Chicago. Comcast provides the SEC network on channel 336 so I will be watching the game from my sectional with food and drink.
Where’s Vegas on the game? Must have missed it if posted recently.
God, we better punch these jokers in the face and not let up. I watched the 2005 Wake Forest game on YouTube last night, and it was amazing how relentlessly we beat them into submission. Mizzou isn’t exactly 2005 Wake Forest, so I’ll take a similar beat down please. :) Maybe some popcorn for Cuonzo from that ever-classy fan base??

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Surprisingly, I don't really have much of an issue with anything in that preview.
Here’s a mind-blowing stat for you. You ready? Out of the 11 players who have played in a game for the Fighting Illini, 10 have higher turnover rates than assist rates. The lone exception? Coach’s son Tyler Underwood, who plays the fewest minutes on the team.
That's just sad. Our 21.7% TO percentage has got to improve. That's a lot of wasted possessions.
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